Don Hulyo Hot Sauce - 4 Variant Value Pack

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Don Hulyo Hot Sauce Original

Heat Level: Hot

This hot sauce is the “Classic“. Don Hulyo Hot Sauce is our first ever hot sauce made vailable in the market. Earthy and thick brown sauce made of blended pit-smoked red ripe ghost pepper, with loads of smoked tomatoes, garlic, and onions. This tangy addictive condiment provides middle-of-the-mouth heat with a unique great-tasting flavor. This hot sauce uses all-natural ingredients from locally farmed peppers, aromatic spices, and fresh herbs. Combining the best flavors from Tex-Mex and the Philippines for a distinct western-Filipino taste.

Don Hulyo BBQ Sauce X

Heat Level: Mild

Don Hulyo BBQ Sauce X - This is the mildest sauce on our line-up. A sweet, rich barbecue disguising as a hot sauce in mildest heat. As the name says, it is best suited for barbecues or anything grilled and fried. Made and started with Don Hulyo Hot Sauces mixed with tomato ketchup, onion and garlic, with loads of tamarind, muscovado sugar and apple juice for a deep sweet flavor. All-natural ingredients with no preservatives, no MSG, and no artificial flavor and coloring. Created and inspired by Austin Pitmasters style sauce, it’s good served straight up on ribs or fried chicken.

Infierno Hot Sauce X

Heat Level: Extra Hot

The label says it all in this sauce made from aged fermented TMS blended with Don Hulyo Hot Sauce classic, and spices from Mexico. This hot sauce is scorching and at the same time flavorful. It punishes you but doesn’t reach the shock level. A strong yet refined, and slightly sweetened to balance the flavor. This will definitely trigger endorphins, creating a pleasurable rush similar to a jogger’s high. A truly pain for pleasure experience where fire both burns and satisfy your senses.

Infierno Black Reaper Hot Sauce

Heat Level: Extreme Hot

Just when you thought that Infierno couldn’t get any hotter, Don Hulyo made the Infierno Black Reaper that is twice as hot as Hot Sauce-X and the hottest on our line-up yet. This insanely ass-kicking hot sauce with a unique great-tasting flavor. It is made of pure imported Carolina Reaper and spices. Infierno Black Reaper offers flavors of Mexican spices layered with deep smoky flavor and a lingering heat that last. The flavors are dominant enough to add balance while giving tremendous heat to your mouth. A true hell in a bottle.