Join us NOW! 4 Reasons WHY your Store Should Partner with AIOCity!

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With the pandemic currently holding the country’s economy hostage, many stores are switching to the alternative of going online to stay ahead of the curve. As more and more shops switch to digital marketing, many store-owners are seemingly discouraged because of the perceived complexities the world wide web poses. Contrary to that notion, however, AIOCity believes that it does not have to be complex.

What is AIOCity? Imagine it’s a marketplace of different goods, and you can be a kiosk in this marketplace—an e-Marketplace, if you may.

Why join our e-Marketplace? Here are our reasons-

  • No Cost on Software Development and Maintenance

No know-how with web design? AIOCity has got you covered. No knowledge about maintaining an e-store? No problem. Just provide AIOCity with the stocks and the products, and let AIOCity manage the rest! Training and onboarding are also free of charge!

  • Products can be ordered online using PCs, tablets or Mobile Phones

AIOCity provides channels for multiple customers and make it easier for them to order. More customers, more revenue! Being partners with AIOCity also means that there will be a guaranteed audience for the product that you are selling.

  • Promote your brand the way you want it.

AIOCity believes in your products’ uniqueness, and here, you own the liberties of promoting your product the way you have always envisioned your product to be!


  • Avail of AIOCity facility partners on payment gateway and delivery facilities

With our long list of courier and payment gateway partners, you can exclusively avail of their services that would expand the reach of your store to new heights!

Going online may seem like a huge leap from the traditional stores that you are used to, but AIOCity can help you power through the tall mountain that is online marketing. Together, AIOCity can take your store to new heights, all you have to do is sign up today.


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