Privacy Policy




The AIOCITY Platform is fully owned and operated by Net4site LLC, USA and distributed in the Philippines and Asia Pacific by Net4site Philippines, Inc. Our Store Partners would get AIOCITY’s technology as a “SERVICE” which will cover Online store Implementation and Technology Management in our e-Commerce Web and Mobile Market. 

Net4site Philippines Inc. is an appointed third party Business Process Outsourcing company providing marketing, distribution, customer support, business support and collecting services for Net4site LLC,USA under the platform.   Actual sale of products and service are between the Store Partners and its Customers.  Shipping and Delivery Services transactions is between the Store Partner and the Shipping and Delivery Entity in which such entity or entities are third party entities contracted by Net4site Philippines as part of it business support function for the platform.   Net4site Philippines Inc. also engages the services of a third party Payment Gateways to collect payment under the platform to facilitate payment of goods and services by the customers to the Store Partner.


Net4site LLC, USA, Net4site Philippines Inc, its Store Partners, its shipping and delivery partners, its payment gateway partners, it store partners and its affiliates (individually and collectively, “AIOCITY”, “we”, “us” or “our”).   AIOCITY is taking the privacy of its “USERS” seriously and we are committed in complying with Republic Act 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 of the Philippines following its Implementing Rules and Regulation.

Our platform is composed of our “Sites” or “Websites”  of AIOCITY as a business platform and its Store Partners.  AIOCITY shall be responsible under applicable privacy laws and regulations (“Privacy Laws”) and shall respect the privacy rights and concerns of all Users using the platform.  We shall properly manage, process and protect our user’s “Personal Data” as entrusted to as provided in this Data Privacy Policy.  “Personal Data” is defined as data or information that shall identify a person such as Name, Address, ID No., Date of Birth, Banks and Credit/Card Credentials, Contact Information and etc.   Upon the use for the platform, the User agrees that his Personal Data shall be shared by the proponents of AIOCITY in completing the transaction and issue resolutions in the platform such as the AIOCITY System, Net4site Philippines Inc., Payment Gateway providers and the Shipping and Delivery providers.

When the User confirms his registration with AIOCITY, he/she is agreeing in all the provisions stated in this AIOCITY Data Privacy Policy. 

AIOCITY is committed to continuously improve its technology on data privacy to secure the information of its Users.

For any concerns and inquiries please visit “Contact Us” in this site for more details.



  • When Users Register a “User Account” on the platform on web and in mobile.
  • When Users are paying a Store Partner using the Payment Gateway Providers using Debit/Credit Cards.  AIOCITY shall not store User’s Debit/Credit Card Credentials.
  • When Users are participating in AIOCITY promotional, contest and campaign programs.
  • When AIOCITY is providing Personal Data for purposes of Shipping and Delivery to the Users.
  • When AIOCITY uses third party software providers as part of the platform such as Google and a like.  AIOCITY, and third parties software providers, may from time to time make software applications downloads available for your use on or through the Services. These applications may separately access, and allow a third party to view, your identifiable information, such as your name, your user ID, your computer's IP Address or other information such as any cookies that you may previously have installed or that were installed for you by a third party software application or website. Additionally, these applications may ask you to provide additional information directly to third parties. Third party products or services provided through these applications are not owned or controlled by AIOCITY. We encourage our Users to read the terms and other policies published by such third parties on their websites or otherwise. 
  • When Users are attending to Disputes and Resolution on User Transactions.
  • When Users are communicating with AIOCITY, its Store Partners and service providers.
  • When AIOCITY shall communicate and perform marketing activities to its registered “Users”
  • Other AIOCITY official events and venues that shall require the use of Personal Data of the Users.
  • Registered Users shall agree that his email address shall be shared amongst the Official Store Partners through AIOCITY for purposes of information campaign, announcements and marketing campaigns/promotions.
  • When Personal Data is asked through a Court Order.



            The following Personal Data that may be collected from the User but shall not limited to the data listed below:

  • Name
  • Data of Birth
  • Gender
  • Billing Address
  • Contact Information
  • Bank Information
  • Debit/Credit Card Information
  • Email Address
  • Biometrics (Facial, Retina, Thumb and etc.)



AIOCITY shall not be responsible for the security of Personal Data that the User provides on Third Party Sites.



Personal Data may be transferred to and from, processed and stored by AIOCITY in Singapore where our servers are located and central storage are located.   AIOCITY is a global platform provider wherein Users and Store Partners can be located outside the Philippines in which transactions can be overseas in nature.